Designer Christopher Todd shares five must-have items for your garden

5 Must-Have Items for Your Garden

Designer Christopher Todd gives you five tips to make your garden more beautiful.Regardless of whether or not you have a green thumb, gardening helps make us feel more calm and renewed. There’s something about getting into plants, digging, pruning, that research shows can have a positive effect on people.

Want to create your ultimate zen garden space? These are the five must-have items for your garden.


Beautiful, healing and perfect for those who aren’t so good at horticulture, succulents are the ideal plant to add to your garden — especially if you’re in the desert (like me). I love aloe because it grows beautifully, but also because you can use the gel inside of its leaves to ease pain from burns.

Pop succulents in clay or tin pots and set them on your garden patio.

Chalk Board Markers

Let’s be real. You plant things and then have no idea what is growing where. Enter chalk board markers. These little sign posts allow you to label the different areas of your garden. Grab some chalk and note the different plants you are cultivating. Bonus points if you get creative with the signs.

Woven Baskets

What to do with all of your garden tools? Grab a cute woven basket and put them inside. You can leave the basket on the outskirt of your garden, or on a side table on your garden patio.


Speaking of garden patios, it’s important to keep your garden look with your furniture. I love glass vases on tables. Simply grab some polished stones and put them inside the vase to add a little earth-y feel to your patio area.


Gardens at night are dreamy. Place some candles on the tables to up the ambience on a summer night. I’m a fan of LAFCO’s candles.

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Designer Christopher Todd shares five must-have items for your garden

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