A look at high-end designer Christopher Todd's favorite things for June 2017.

My Favorite Things: June

Welcome to my first Favorite Things post! This is the spot each month where I’m sharing with you my favorite things at Christopher Todd. From home accents to furniture, this is the spot to come to see all of the items that I want to keep for myself.

The Not-So Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky, you’re the one … except in this case, Ducky isn’t rubber. And certainly should never go in the bathtub.

This fun piece is perfect for a kid’s room or as a funky accent to add some lightness and humor to a room.

Your Kingdom, Your Throne


OK, so it’s not really a throne, but this chair evokes a sense of royalty. Plush velvet and neutral colored, it fits perfect in any room in your home.

More Than Just a Geode

Geodes are huge right now. Tap into this not-going-anywhere trend and show off some crystal goodness a top this gorgeous box to stash wine openers, remotes … anything!

To Infinity an Beyond

So it might not be a real infinity symbol, but it looks like it. I love this brushed bronze sculpture a top some coffee table books. It’s the perfect compliment to a coffee table or end table.

You Are My Sunshine

While we’re sharing sculptures, this is another favorite of mine. The copper “sunshine” is a gorgeous piece that helps draw attention to a particular part of the room. Use it as a centerpiece and get people talking.

Want more favorites? Be sure to check out Christopher Todd Design’s Instagram!

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A look at high-end designer Christopher Todd's favorite things for June 2017.

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